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Terms and conditions

FNM is an incorporation service website designed to allow you to form your own corporation. FNM is operated by FNM Co LIMITED.

FNM uses the information provided on our order forms to complete required government incorporation forms. FNM serves as incorporator and organizer when submitting paperwork to the Companies Registry or corporation filing office . FNM is not a law firm, and neither FNM nor any of its employees or associates provide legal services or legal consultation. Further, no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, are given regarding the legal or other consequences resulting from the use of our services or forms.

The information contained in this site is provided for general information only and should not serve as a substitute for legal advice from an attorney familiar with the facts and circumstances of your specific situation.

FNM will not be liable for any penalties, fines or other liabilities from the Companies Registry and Inland Revenue department incurred by the Client or the Company and the Client accepts full responsibility to pay these and indemnify FNM against any liability in respect of the same.

All requests or instructions concerning the affairs of the Company shall be given by the Client in writing to FNM. FNM may, at its sole discretion, agree to take action on any request or instruction given otherwise than in writing only on the express understanding that FNM shall not be liable in respect of any misunderstanding or error regarding the same.

FNM shall not be liable for any failure to comply wholly or in part with any instructions received from the Client and shall not be responsible for consequences arising from non- receipt of instructions for any reason.

The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless FNM, its affiliates and their directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all claims, actions, costs (including legal) and liabilities arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions and the Services provided to the Company.

The company will not be held liable for loss, damage or theft of any items sent to the client whilst they are going through the postal service.

We are not authorised by the Financial Services Authority to conduct Investment Business. If you require investment business services we will refer you to a firm authorised by the Financial Services Authority.

Processing time for orders

When there is a high volume of orders, processing time may take longer than stated on either government or our own website. FNM cannot guarantee processing time, which may be delayed for various reasons. E.g. if a company name is taken, a similar name already exists, or a name is highly unusual. Orders may also be misplaced or misfiled by government offices.


We cannot guarantee that any overnight courier such as DHL or FedEx will deliver on time. If a package sent by overnight courier is misplaced or delayed, we can assist in contacting that courier for a refund of shipping charges.

Clearance of funds

We cannot process any order until funds clear. Credit cards and PayPal take only moments. (Check clearing, including eChecks such as PayPal eChecks, electronic checks, faxed checks, mailed checks, or wire transfer payments take longer.

Term of services and termination rights

Cancellation of order

Please request all refunds by written email to the contact form.

Incorporation services cancellation: If you wish to cancel your order after payment is received by FNM, but before the company has been incorporated and Certificate of Incorporation has been issued, FNM is glad to provide a full refund of the incorporation costs.

If an order is canceled after payment has been received by FNM, and after the company has been incorporated and Certificate of Incorporation is issued, please contact our staff at FNM for further instructions. Please note that after the incorporation of your company, FNM has already paid for the government and filing fees to the Hong Kong Companies Registry, and incurred costs with the incorporation of your company.

Orders of company documents, annual return, AGM – Annual General Meeting, Profit Tax Return filling, Mail Forwarding. Certified documents by CPA; Notary Public; Apostille; companies Registry or company secretary. Services as ND2A, NAR1, ND2B, NSC1, NR1, any CR documents and resolution of directors. Any CR or IRD documents which should be filled by FNM such BRC, PTR (Profit Tax Return) or emploee/employer return. Ordered stamps and metal steals. Transfer of shares. Company de-registration. Preparing instrument of transfer. After these forms have been issued, all of the relevant filings fees and costs have been paid to the Companies Registry.

Termination of services

FNM shall be entitled by written notice to cease to provide the Services, if:

The Clients or the Clients’ Appointees in the reasonable opinion of FNM fail to observe to the fullest extent these Terms and Conditions;

In the event that any legal proceedings are commenced against the Company.

In any of the circumstances described above, FNM reserves the right to take action pursuant to stand above and to treat these Terms and Conditions as terminated without further liability on the part of FNM.

Startupr may at its discretion cease to provide the Services if the Client fail to observe to the fullest extent these Terms and Conditions without notice.

Correspondence from the Government agencies

Mail sent from government agencies to your company at the Registered Agent’s address is forwarded free as part of our Registered Agent service. Please note, however, that the Registered Agent’s address does not thereby become your company’s “business address”.

If you want to use FNM address for business purposes: invoicing, business cards, email signature, letterhead, website, disclose to any third party – including business commercial or any other government third party (except Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department), receiving business mail, using on any contract or agreement etc., you need to join our Business Address service, also known as Mail Forwarding service.

Unless you have specifically engaged us to forward your company mail (other than government communications as noted), and proper paperwork is filed, a FNMaddress may not be used as your business address.

Also, the Registered Agent will not be able to provide lease agreements or business address proof for your company, as this business address is only for receiving and handling mail.

In the event of any dispute, the decision of Startupr shall be final and conclusive.

File destruction

Whilst certain documents may belong to you and are received to Startupr address and you will not prepay mail forwarding plan, we reserve the right to refuse any letter on you company behalf. Further, we intend to destroy any business correspondence and other papers that we store that are more than one month (30 days) old, other than documents which we think may be of continuing significance. If you require the retention of any document, you must join our business address (mail forwarding) service and notify us of that fact in writing.

We would highly suggest you to engage our Business Address Mail Forwarding service which keeps you updated on yours incoming mail. It’s in your own interest to make sure that all documents are properly received and you’re notified.

If you have not order Business Address Mail Forwarding plan / service, we will notify you about your business mail and ask you to order the Business Address Mail Forwarding service.

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